New Blog

So, I’m posting this blog, becasuse I’ve been in the process of building a new blog. This blog will be There are a few reasons for this. 1) I like to blog about more than fitness. I fell like having a blog after my own name, will allow me … Continue reading

Active Lifestyle

Plain and simple nothing can replace an active Lifestyle. This goes back to my difference between Exercise and Recreation. In that post, I talked about how Exercise is a modern invention to fix a modern problem. Specifically the problem of a sedentary lifestyle. The truth is it doesn’t fix that … Continue reading


Power. Unlimited POWER! – Chancellor Palpatine. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Today, I wanted to talk about power and its role in athleticism. First, Power is the speed at which we can produce strength. Power is to Strength as Acceleration is to Top Speed. If you want to look at it … Continue reading


Strength has a purpose, and it isn’t to be strong. I know that may sound like a contradiction. However, in all reality the purpose of strength is to manipulate the world around us. Strength is to be able to lift things, move things, push thing and pull things. These all … Continue reading